If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get ANIMAL PRODUCTS Out of the Kitchen

That’s the topic of a presentation I’ll offer on 9 September 2017.

Hurricane Harvey’s unfolding tragedy is connected to climate change—which is, in turn, connected to animal agribusiness in a very big way. Equipped with the facts, let’s encourage people to stop eating like there’s no tomorrow or they could be right.

Is veganism really about climate, though?

Yes, squarely. Without a well-functioning atmosphere, advocating for habitat preservation and animal liberation is spitting into the wind. Climate crisis is an urgent subject for everyone to discuss, but this “inconvenient truth” has never been adequately addressed by policy devoid of a vegan perspective.

This presentation will take place at the 3rd annual Vegstock Festival, which is now seeking . . .

Activists · Artists · Authors · Doctors · Dietitians · Musicians Cooks · Chefs · Farmers · Foodies · Gardeners · Growers · Healers · Thinkers · Speakers · Students & Teachers for the Vegstock Vegan Festival. And folks to spread the word.

Presented by Wildflower Vegan Cafe, the vegan restaurant in Millville, NJ and the Millville Development Corporation. Time and place: 10am-4pm Saturday, September 9 2017. 501 North High Street, Glasstown Arts District, Millville NJ 08332.

“If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Animal Products Out of the Kitchen” is made possible by dedicated patrons of the Art of Animal Liberation.

1 thought on “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get ANIMAL PRODUCTS Out of the Kitchen

  1. Hi Lee, I am unable to post comments on the Patreon site; there is no function/ ” click” button in which to send/ post comments. I have sent an inquiry to them about this issue and am awaiting their response.
    I wanted to reply to your latest, Oct 24th writing.
    First, you are an intelligent, compassionate and articulate advocate for nonhuman animals and the vegan cause.
    I notice that the relevant and important component that the effect of human overpopulation has on every topic involving the destruction of free-living animal habitat and species control and extinction is frequently ignored or dismissed by vegans.
    I realize that this is a sensitive and potentially politically- charged topic, but it is one that we need to start addressing in a respectful, humane and democratic manner while we still can. If we vegans dont do it, who will?

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