Free, Open Audio Book

Lee Hall and OTOT

On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century, is available as a print-to-order paperback. Please feel empowered to read the 2016 book and review it on the linked page!

New in 2022: Here is a LINK to the ABRIDGED version, now presented in AUDIBLE form.

Critiques? Comments? Ideas? Comment field enabled!

I regularly create blog entries, audio-visual pieces, and public presentations, to get the word out about animal liberation and to shift community mindsets so liberation becomes possible. You can support this work of creation and outreach at my Studio for the Art of Animal Liberation.

Patrons of the Art shift my time to make this independent work of animal liberation happen. Thank you so much for nurturing this commitment.


Graphic by Kyle Luzynski.

2 thoughts on “Free, Open Audio Book

    • I’m thinking about recording an audio version in 2020, to get it out there where people who need audio delivery. A belated thank-you for your suggestion, too, Mandy.

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