Vegan 101: A Simple Slideshow About a Principle

And now, and word from to our sponsors.

Friends, I’m on a mission to bring the animal liberation message to empathetic people. People who know we need a deeper transformation than competitive politics can reach. People for whom “being the change” is not some feel-good cliché.

And if you’re in the position to support this work and wish to do so, this month is a great time to step in. Tomorrow, Sunday 16 September, a special offer opens for people who become patrons of the Studio for the Art of Animal Liberation on Patreon. And it will be very special for me too, because patrons inspire the flow and the content of my work.  

Join as a Muse (that is, at a $15 or higher monthly level of support) this month, and your name will be in the credits of a new slideshow: Vegan 101. (Become a patron at any level to help inspire and support this work and the work to come.) This slideshow, the first in a planned series, will be freely available so any person may present it at a library or lunch or book club – or to mark World Vegan Month 2018 this November. It will be a bright, concise vegan explainer that focuses on veganism as it set out to be….

A movement.

A challenge to transcend our dominator mentality.

A call to understand what respectful co-existence with nonhuman life on our planet really takes.

If you sense the power of radical empathy to redefine ourselves as human, this slideshow project needs your presence.

❤️ Love and liberation,


Banner photo: Alex Litvin, via Unsplash.

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