Animals 24-7: Humane Society CEO Woos Anti-Gay Evangelist

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, explained: “It’s part of my commitment, and that of The HSUS, to integrate – or to reintegrate – other voices and perspectives within the humane movement.”

Barrett Duke

Barrett Duke

Humane movement?

This is the same Barrett Duke who warned Baptist Press readers:

“If the radical homosexual agenda is codified into law our own government will be arrayed against us and our struggle to protect our religious freedom. We can fight this battle now or we can fight it later, but we are going to fight this battle.”

The full article, including historical commentary by editor Merritt Clifton on notable animal-protection proponents whose social lives would not win Duke’s approval, appears here.

Banner image: detail from photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

6 thoughts on “Animals 24-7: Humane Society CEO Woos Anti-Gay Evangelist

  1. This is shocking. But should we really be surprised at anything that HSUS does? Thumbs down on Barrett Duke and his narrow-minded agenda. Thumbs down on HSUS, obviously not a proponent of animal rights And a strong thumbs up for true advocates of animal rights, human rights, and freedom from religion.

    • My feelings exactly, Maryanne. Bigots lead in the us-v-them mentality, and religion is a popular and useful tool (example, gay people in Uganda –unbelievable abuse and prejudice). Sadly, it’s almost impossible to penetrate self-righteous dogma with fact-based reasoned thinking. Show me a bigot, and I’ll show you an umbrella of hate (speciesism, racism, etc).

  2. Thank you, Lee Hall, for telling it like it is!
    This is, again, another unacceptable Wayne Pacelli/HSUS case of the tail wagging the dog. He sold out to the egg industry, Wolfgang Puck, and animal agriculture in general., They sponsored the Denver meat-eating events. These are no longer exceptions at HSUS but the norm. Study these and other examples at

    They crossed the line long ago and in doing so corrupted vegan messaging, definitions, goals and public education on the issues. This is not about bringing conservatives into the camp; it’s about inviting far larger, more powerful and moneyed people and organizations into what was once the core nonhuman animal institution of IHSUS – The Inhumane Society of the United States. Bringing a leading bigot into the IHSUS fold is just another, equal example of that organization losing touch with reality and its moral responsibilities.

    • ‘This is not about bringing conservatives into the camp; it’s about inviting far larger, more powerful and moneyed people and organizations into….` Yes. While the ‘humane’ sector gives its blessing to one of the leaders who, collectively, drive young people to despair because their families reject and shun them. Putrid.

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