Ammo Sapiens

Maybe we need to refer to the species as Ammo sapiens. Because if there’s one thing humans are endlessly resourceful about, it’s making and using weapons.

The NRA and the 2nd Amendment are evidence of the corruption and the loneliness of our kind. The person buying weapons, vowing they’re just for hunting, or the President who says the deer aren’t wearing Kevlar vests so, hey, we can live without military-style machine guns and keep the rest…They are still supporting the weapon makers.

Whether it’s a deer, a bear, or a human ape in the crosshairs, whether it’s semi-automatic or not, violence is violence, and human aggression is our problem.

We could be so much better, so much stronger, so much more aware of the meaning of every moment in another being’s life.


Photo source: Stephen Andrews, via Pexels.

What are your thoughts?

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