The Year of the Aurochs

Groups of aurochs could trample us. Cows still can. This, I found out on a walk across a pasture with friends.

Suddenly, as though alerted by some silent signal, a group of cows stampeded in our direction. We panicked, but managed to slip through a fence. That day we glimpsed an ancient law of nature…

Read the full piece at CounterPunch.

Photo by Helena Lopes, via Unsplash.

5 thoughts on “The Year of the Aurochs

  1. Very interesting to read and learn about. An example of where moving ‘backwards’ can sometimes be a good thing. Here’s to the aurochs!!

  2. Cheers, Heather! Alas, there is no actual going back to the aurochs through selective breeding. It has been tried in several intensive breeding projects (before this, there were the Heck cattle) and it has never brought back beings of the same stature and makeup…And along the way, it seems a lot of wrong has been done to the manipulated animals. We need to spare the beings who are still here from the fate of the aurochs. Some scientists are replicating genomes of extinct animals, using bones found in caves. Will that lead to anything better, anything fairer? Or is this all something of a show?

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