The Farmer’s Footprint

Animal farming generally depends on feed crops and wherever crops are grown as feed, pesticides and manure applications are common. What is not absorbed into the crop fields seeps into streams, rivers, and bays – resulting in toxic algal blooms and ever-expanding dead zones that suffocate aquatic animals.

And the human habit of animal husbandry defeats the integrity of animal communities and habitat in other ways as well: because we see animals as rightly appropriated for human food, there’s also the classification of free-living animals as game; there’s our habit of moving various animals between regions (and then adding insult to injury by calling them invasive).

Indeed, animal agribusiness can be understood as a traffic in introduced species.

Read on (article is just below the cover):  Growing Green International No. 35 pages 1, 36.

And, wherever you live on Earth, please consider becoming a member of the Vegan Organic Network.

3 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Footprint

  1. Hello Lovely Lee!

    I love your writing! Great article here and I also read the one on bees. Very fascinating.

    Did you get the mixture I sent you in the mail? It’s all vegan and made just for you. Thanks for your support with our conference. It was a huge success. My talk was so-so. I didn’t say exactly what I wanted to say, but oh well, I did my best.

    Thank you for your loving support! Thank you for being you. You are magnificent and inspire me.

    Love, Charlotte

    • Yes, I did! You’d have loved the way it turned up on my doorstep in the rain; the FedEx envelope had soaked through and the water had reached your card inside. I let it dry for a day before opening. Your words and calligraphy on the envelope have a rain-touched mood which is itself a joy to behold. I posted a photo where you’ll see it…Great to hear your conference was a huge success! What did you say? What didn’t you say? Thank you for your love, listening, support, caring… xx Lee.

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