List of Things to Do

Here is an animation to illustrate temperature anomalies in 191 countries over the recent period of our history. Notice what happens especially from the 1980s on.

Now that we know, we can act. We must act.

Cycle. Walk. Take the bus. Take the train.

Eat plants.

Other than those plants, try to avoid buying new stuff.

Stop breeding domesticated animals (and that includes humans).

Refuse to put up with the subjugation of other species by yours.

Work for all aspects of justice at the root. It’s the same root.

What’s on your list of Things To Do?

Banner photo by Nathan Stein via Pexels.

3 thoughts on “List of Things to Do

  1. Thanks Lee!

    My list includes all of the items on yours,
    plus: getting political for the Animals.

    We need the laws/lawmakers and policies/policymakers to change ASAP.

    • Agreed, although I think cultivating “from below” has to be the priority. I don’t mean to make a sweeping statement here, but I think in general, ethics aren’t going to be imposed on culture by lawmakers. How many lawmakers have their own lists of Things to Do in good shape? Very few, I reckon.

      • I think it has to be 2-pronged, both from the “top” and from ” below”.
        1) subsidies and bailouts to many industries, including, and especially, the ones who exploit Animals that are being funded by our tax dollars for practices many people no longer accept.

        2) the latest 2 Not Guilty verdicts in the DxE jury trials. Now the politicians in one of those states is attempting to strengthen their ag-gag laws.

        I think we also need to take examples from other social justice movements; protests, civil disobedience, and personal lifestyles were all important, but unless the laws were changed, it was really still just good intentions and wishful-thinking.

What are your thoughts?

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